Do dark floors make a room look smaller or bigger?


Will dark flooring make my room look smaller? The short answer is: Yes. Of course, but it’s complicated! So, how can a dark floor make a room look larger or smaller? Let’s take a look at what we know about visual perception, surroundings, use of colours and use of lighting. As it turns out, humans visually perceive bright colours to be closer than dark colours. In addition, dark colours can give depth to a room. Many people use dark wood floors, for instance, to warm up a room and keep it from looking sterile. Particularly if you have lighter cabinets, for example. Keep reading to find out more! The Flooring Lab explains all.

How to make your room look bigger using dark wood flooring

If you are using wood, you can arrange to have your dark wood floor panels flow diagonally, which will make your room look larger. If you don’t like that look, however, then make sure they flow lengthwise with the longest wall in the room. Choosing wood panels that are 3 inches wide, or more, also gives an illusion of spaciousness. Another designer trick is to use the same flooring in the same direction throughout several rooms which will make all your spaces tie together and look larger.

Furnishings & wall colour

If you do choose dark flooring, our top flooring tip is to avoid choosing dark furniture as well. This is because you will need some contrast to balance out your area and give the room a perception of relaxation and open space. But, if you do have dark furniture, don’t panic! You can still brighten up your room, and keep your dark floors, by using a patterned area rug to break up the dark floors and dark furniture. This will also add a modern feel to the room.


When choosing flooring for each room, you will also want to consider choosing a light colour for your walls and ceiling. This is to draw the eye upward and give your space the illusion of having high ceilings. Whether it’s natural or indoor lighting, this makes a difference in creating the perception of size in a space. Since dark colours tend to absorb light, you want to ensure there is enough lighting in the room that it does not appear to be dark and dreary.

If you want to have darker furniture or walls, or you like rooms that have soft lighting, you may want to go for  dark flooring, in exchange, for a lighter colour. Pairing a dark floor with a dark room can leave a small space looking cramped and cheerless.

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