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How often should the carpet in your home be replaced?


There's no set rule on when it's time to replace the carpeting in your home. The average "healthy" lifespan of a carpet is 6-7 years, but it isn't uncommon for that to range from 5 to 15 years depending on the quality of materials and the usage the carpet receives.


The carpet in the main hallway of a house, for instance, receives heavy usage and may need replacing sooner than the carpet in a little-used room does. Some other factors that can reduce a carpet's lifespan include pets, children tracking dirt inside, and heavy furniture that remains in place for a long time.


Rather than sticking to a set amount of time, then, it’s better to recognise signs that carpet needs replacing, such as:


Threadbare areas


When carpet fibres wear out, horizontal threads become visible through the top of the carpet. That’s a clear sign it’s time to replace the old carpet with new since cleaning and fluffing won’t do a thing to fix this. Likewise, fraying in thinning areas or along edges is an indicator that replacement is needed. Because these conditions typically result from heavy use, they’re most likely to occur in places that receive a lot of foot traffic.


Matted or flat spots


Heavy foot traffic can also cause matted or flat spots in a carpet. You should of course do your best to get the carpet back to its original shape by cleaning, combing, and fluffing, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the carpet. The same goes for carpet that has become misshapen with ripples, warping, or spots that are tripping hazards.


Faded colours


You may sometimes notice uneven colouring or even a complete change from the original colour of a carpet. Factors such as age and cleaning materials can affect the colour of a whole carpet over time. Another factor is sunlight; which is often the culprit when there are uneven shades. A spot near a window that receives a lot of sunlight is likely to fade faster than the rest of the carpet will. On its own, fading does not automatically mandate replacement if the carpet is still healthy overall, but if there’s an undesirable cosmetic effect from it, you may want to go ahead and replace it anyway.


Stains and odours


Regular cleaning helps rid a carpet of scents and stains, but since fibres collect dirt, food morsels, animal hairs, and other particles, over time there may be odours you just can't get rid of, at least not for long. And of course, some stains can be impossible to fully remove. Sometimes you can hide those stains with furniture or other items, and sometimes those stains are out of the way and no big deal, but when they're in a prominent location or they really alter the look of the carpet, that, like those tough-to-beat odours, is a sign that you need to replace the carpet.


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