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Laminate vs. LVT: What's The Best Option For Me?

Are you having trouble deciding between laminate and LVT floors? You’re not the only one. On first glance, they both look very much the same but, in truth, there are many differences. 

But which should you go for? It can be tough to know which flooring solution would be the better choice. It really depends on what you want from your floor. 

Below, we have assembled a list of differences and similarities between laminate and LVT flooring which we hope helps you make a more informed decision. 


Laminate is made from a high-density fibre that are tiny recycled elements of wood pulp pressed together into a single board under high pressure. 

As you might have guessed, this is a very ecological alternative to many flooring methods and makes laminate much more practical and affordable. 

LVT is made from a PVC-based material which can make it tougher to break. This means that LVT floors have longer warranties and are, in a way, warmer underfoot. 

Damage Resistance

Whilst there are many ranges of laminate flooring that are waterproof, they can become damaged when they are exposed to moisture for longer periods of time. This means it’s best to mop up spills as quickly as you can.

On the other hand, every LVT flooring slab, being made from PVC, is entirely waterproof, which is why they’re so popular to use in bathrooms. 

As for scratch resistance, both floors are excellent choices as the tough wear layer is designed to withstand a great amount of damage. The only difference here is that laminate floors can’t be recoated while LVT floors can. 


All laminate flooring is joined together using a built-in locking mechanism that can make it incredibly easy to install as no glue or nails are required. 

So, with laminate floors, you can actually do some DIY, making them a much-preferred option to alternative flooring solutions such as carpet and tiles. 

LVT floors, on the other hand, requires you to glue them down. This makes it a much more involved process so you will need to hire a professional fitter. 


With both laminate and LVT ​​​​​, the design is often a printed version of actual materials. For example, you can get both that emulate a wooden feel. 

Both options can have bevelled edges or a textured finish as well, so you’re never limited on options. This is why it’s such a popular choice for those interested in design. 

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