Artificial grass is a staple of many homes. It is convenient, modern and brings with it many advantages over real grass. 

There are, however, a few things about fake lawns that may also be a little bit of a let down for some people. 

Whether you’re undecided about getting fake grass or not, below we’ve assembled the biggest pros and cons. 


Because of many people’s modern lifestyles, they choose to opt for artificial grass to save time in the long run. The primary reasons for this are as follows: 

Never Needs to be Cut

The primary reason anyone buys fake grass is because it never requires being cut. Imagine all the spare hours you obtain by not having to haul the lawnmower through your garden! For those who don’t have a green thumb, this is massively convenient. It also saves a  garden becoming overgrown and unkept, making it look always nice and presentable. 

Can Be Used Whatever the Weather

Come rain or shine, hot or cold, fake grass will look the same all year round, making it look all the more pleasing. You’ll never get any patches of yellow or go back indoors with muddy boots. It is perfect, no matter what season it is. 

Wide Array of Options

There is always a wide range of options when it comes to getting artificial grass, so you’re never just stuck with one look. 
It’s also great because you get to predetermine what your lawn will look like before you lay it. In other words, you get to choose. 


Even with all the above benefits to having a fake lawn, there are a number of drawbacks that may cause people to choose the natural alternative. They are as follows:

Not Eco-friendly

The biggest drawback to fake lawns is that, being made of plastic, it tends not to be very eco-friendly. With more and more people being eco-conscious, they are more likely to choose a real lawn.

Never Natural

Because it is artificial, fake grass will never produce the natural side effects such as the smell of grass when freshly mown. Also, people can generally tell that it’s fake. 

Can Be Expensive

Depending on how much lawn you need to cover, buying fake grass can get expensive. It also depends on what quality you buy too. 

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