What is the Best Flooring For Stairs?

In most people’s homes, stairways often experience the highest amount of traffic. Your stairs serve a functional purpose but also can add sophistication and style to your home. This means that the flooring and lighting of your stairways play a crucial role in how you (and others), will view and enjoy your home. Therefore, it can be tough to choose the best flooring options for stairs that combine design, durability, and comfort that doesn’t cost a small fortune. 

One thing to consider when choosing the flooring on your stairs is that because most stairs run directly ahead of your front door - in your hallway - you need to take into consideration the level of maintenance you want and decor preferences. Keep reading to find out what The Flooring Lab thinks the best flooring options are for your staircase!

Laminate Flooring


This is an affordable option if you want a wooden look without the cost! There are different types of laminate which include a design which replicates the hardwood style, which you can purchase as rolled up which means you can also install the flooring yourself with ease. The installation is also a lot easier than hardwood flooring as it uses a special adhesive which can provide better comfort than wood flooring. One huge difference between hard work and laminate is the cost. The cost of replacing laminate floors is a lot cheaper than other flooring options for your stairs as it is easier to manufacture.

Laminate flooring is also scratch resistant so is perfect if you have pets as their claws will not mark or harm the floor. Additionally, you only need to mop this flooring as this is enough to clean the laminate and make it sparkling! 

We offer a wide range of laminate flooring at fantastic prices, so visit our selection here to find out more.


Hardwood Flooring


Moving on to the next option as previously mentioned, hardwood. This flooring is very versatile as it comes in various colours and designs, which means you can create a unique style for your staircase as you can place it in different angles too! Following on from this, you can select different tones, for example, light hardwood or dark hardwood by using cherry, oak, solid pine or teak.

Much like laminate, it’s very easy to wipe clean meaning it is incredibly durable. However, one major downside is wood flooring can be very slippery, this means that you want to avoid putting on socks while walking on a hardwood stairway or you risk getting injured.


Carpet Flooring


Carpet flooring is the safest option for the staircase as it adds comfort whilst adding that extra dose of warmth and cosiness. You can purchase a numerous amount of patterns and colours and with options of having the woven materials different too, for example, wool, nylon, polyester or wool blend.

A lot of carpet flooring on stairs has low pile carpet which is better for this high traffic area as it features short fibres that look and feel flat and dense, meaning it is easy to walk over. This type of carpet is also easy to clean and durable; it doesn't catch as much debris. In short, without losing its initial appearance it has a lot better upkeep than high pile carpets. However, they can be expensive so if you don’t wish to carpet the entire staircase because of budget, you can also install a carpet runner! This can add adhesive friction and can be colour matched to your decor and also the material of the stairs underneath. It can equally help in minimising noise when people are walking on the stairs.


Stone Flooring


For a luxurious feel to your home, stones like granite or marble can give a staircase that luxurious style and look. Unfortunately, stone can be heavy, hard (so usually makes it injury prone) and can be costly to purchase and install. Additionally, most stone flooring needs to be sealed every two years to protect it from stains. If you have your heart set on stone, to avoid the issues of spills and injuries you can always have a carpet runner fitted in a matching colour. But if it’s the look of stone you’re after, you can replicate this with a hardwood tread with a riser which is made of ceramic tile and can be visually appealing.


Glass Flooring


You might be surprised to hear that glass can be an amazing, luxurious material for stairs. But typically, when using glass flooring for your stairs it tends to be tempered, which means it’s designed to be shatterproof. Glass stairways can give a home a fresh sort of beauty and openness to your home. You can arrange glass tiles in patterns to suit your own style as it comes in various colours and reflective capabilities.


In Conclusion 


If you are unsure about what flooring is best to use on your stairs, we hope that this blog has made a deciding factor for you! But, if you are still unsure of the right flooring solution for your stairway, then please feel free to get in touch with The Flooring Lab team for some friendly advice!