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The World's Most Famous Floors

Sometimes, the best landmarks aren’t above our heads, but beneath our feet. 

Yes, there are some pretty famous floors around the world, and because of our tendency to look up than down, they’re often underappreciated. 

Today, we’re going to give the floor the spotlight and talk about some of the most famous floors from around the world. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Without a doubt, the most famous pavement across the pond, if not the whole world, is the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Stretching 1.3 miles, each slab carries a star with a famous name emblazoned on it. There’s very little else to say about this other than the reason the Walk of Fame is so famous is that… Well, it shows off some famous names, both historical and fictional. 

From Elvis Presley to Mickey Mouse, every step is a walkthrough modern Hollywood history, each name written in gold lettering centred in its own star.  

Each slab costs $40,000 and every celebrity it displays must attend the ceremony in which it is added to the ever-lengthening walk. 

Great Mosque of Aleppo

Going from the West to the Middle East, the Grand Mosque of Aleppo had a spectacular arcade with a glorious courtyard arcade, the floor of which depicted some of the most beautiful patterns.

Ever since its construction in the 11th century, the arcade was a perfect example of Islamic architecture and made the nearby minaret look even more spectacular. 

Walking across it, you wondered just how many other feet had walked over it throughout the centuries. 
Sadly, however, the arcade is no more. The Grand Mosque of Aleppo was a victim of the Syrian Civil War and was reduced to rubble in 2013. 

It is a terrible tragedy to befall such an iconic and beautiful building. There has been some effort to restore it, however, the loss is, without a doubt, a huge blow to human civilisation. 

The State Hermitage

Thankfully still standing, the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, houses some glorious pieces of art and dazzles all those that walk through its long halls. 

Every room harbours parquet patterns that are hundreds of years old and beautifully designed. Those who visit are sure to be looking at the floor as much as they will the ceiling.

Because of its age, there has been an enormous restoration effort ongoing since the year 2000 to restore the parquet patterns to their former glory. 

It has required the efforts of many wood artisans and flooring specialists to complete this monumental task. The results are definitely worth it. 

30 Rockefeller Plaza

Back to the states, 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York is a spectacular piece of art deco architecture. 

On the outside, it’s pretty similar to a lot of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. On the inside, however, black flooring with gold trimmings, all in the art deco style, cover every wall and floor.

The floors are extremely polished and remind you very much of Film Noirs or old films. Built originally as the head office of the Radio Corporation of America, it is now how to the NBC television network. 

La Galleria Grande

Perhaps the most perfect black and white chequered floor in the world, La Galleria Grande in Italy has many visits for you to visit. 

Its floor, however, is the epitome of beautiful flooring with the original floor being uplifted and moved to the Galleria Beaumont by Napolean Bonaparte. 

Reaching up to 80 metres in length, the floor has since been replaced and is well looked after, becoming one of the biggest highlights of its city, Turin. 

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